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Chicken and Dumplings - From Southern Plates

This recipe is from my Southern Plates Cookbook.
Chicken and Dumplings pg 244
You can also find the recipe here on her website
  • 3 or 4 chicken breasts
  • 32 oz Chicken Broth (feel free to use water with bouillon cubes added) I used the chicken broth from cooking the chicken and froze the extra broth for later use!
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup
  • 1-10 count can Pilsbury layers biscuits
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • flour
Cook chicken breasts in approx. 4 c. of water (I added enough water to cover the chicken and a little) until fork tender, about 45 minutes. I then shredded my chicken with my mixer!
Place broth in medium to large sized pot. Stir cream of chicken soup into gently boiling broth. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Pull biscuits apart into three layers. Dip each layer into flour and then tear each layer into three pieces and drop into gently boiling broth mixture. Do not stir biscuits a lot, or they will cook up, only gently push dumplings down into broth as they float to the top. Cook about ten minutes after last dumplings are added.
Add shredded chicken and turn on low until ready to serve. (I added the chicken before the dumplings based off the recipe in the cookbook, although, I think this is a typo because it tells you to add the chicken before the dumplings and after.)
VERDICT - Oh my goodness good! We ate almost the whole pot in one sitting! Only thing I would do differently is more dumplings or less chicken. I used 3 very large chicken breast and it was right at too much chicken for my taste. Although the cookbook says it is 8 servings I would say it is more like 4. Also, if you were making this for more than 4 people you would need to double the recipe at least on the dumplings and liquids.

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